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Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel

Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel
Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel
Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel
Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel
Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel
Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel
Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel

Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel    Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel

Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel. Fcar F506 Pro OBD2 Professional Diagnostic Tool Heavy Duty Truck DPF Reset Oil Reset Car 2 In 1 Auto Diagnostic Scanner.

Get one, to own three different devices. (Full system truck scanner + OBDII Code Reader+ OEM Level Diagnostic DPF RESET and OIL RESET). Then you don't need to take time to choose device for different demands. The excellent automotive scanner offers a better option for those who pursue a comprehensive diagnostic device. Obtaining one F506 PRO will satisfy all your requirements.

Undoubtedly, it will bring a great user experience for technicians, mechanics, workshops and repair garage. What's more, the unique features such as lifetime update, Live Data in Graph & Text, Data screenshoot is the highly added values for the FCAR car scanner, which makes your repair work easier and more efficient.

Why choose Fcar F506 Pro? All Functions In Your Hand? This truck scanner is capable of reading and clearing trouble codes of all major systems of truck, including engine, airbag, transmission, ECU/BCU, VCS, ABS, SRS, EBS, DCU, AT, cluth system/brake system/meter system/battery system/inverter system/hybrid system/immobilizer system, ect. Special Functions perform various component adaptations of the control module under test, allowing you to calibrate or configure certain components after making repairs or replacements. Graph live data :Engine speed, Engine ECU temperature, Percent acceleration pedal position, Engine intercooler temperature, Engine coolant temperature, Battery voltage, Alternator voltage, Ambient air temperature, Air inlet temperature, Set measurement units in SAE English/Metric. Internet upgrade, General Functions :Read ECU Information, Read and Erase Fault codes, Read Live Data, Read Freeze Frame, Graph Live Data, Screenshot Function. HD Trucks: for Freightliner, for Fuso, for GMC, for Hino, International, for Isuzu, for Iveco, for Kenworth, for Mack, for Mercedes, for Nissian UD, Peterbilt, Sterling, for Western Star, for Volvo, for Allison, for Bendix, for Eaton, for Wabco, for ZF, ect. And most Cars /min vans / light duty from 1996. F506 Pro code reader can be also used as a universal OBD II code reader for reading and erasing codes on other brands cars' OBD System.

Works on most truck with J1708 and J1939 plus OBD2 automotive coverage, and covers Hino, Mishubishi Fuso, Isuzu and Nissan UD commercial vehicles. Since 1992 Supports SAE J1850PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, IS0 14230-4, IS0 9141-2, IS0 15765-4, SAE J1708, SAE J1939, OBDII Scan and diagnose fault codes with code defination in the engine, transmission, ABS brake and instrument cluster or body control. The F506 Pro obd2 scanner comes with new UI, new processor and new software, aims at providing you the best diagnostic experience. One-key update, 3.5TFT color screen and languages will make you fall in love with it instantly. The response and operating speed increased by 60% at the same time.

This durable tool is ruggedly built, perfect for both shop and road tests. It can be used directly out of the box. F506 PRO Support Diagnose Truck Full System. F506 PRO: DPF+Engine Oil+Truck Full System + Diesel OBD functions + OBD II + OEM Level Full System Diagnostic(ISUZU HINO UD FUSO).

Version Info, Read DTC, Clear DTC, Histroy DTC, Read DataStream, Read ECU Information. North America, Automatic Selection, Manual Selection, By Year, By System, By Model.

Engine, Construction engine, Hybrid, VCS(Vehicle Computer Simulation), Transission, Integrated Control, Integrated Security System, Motor Control, Battery/SCR. Anti-lock braking system, EZGOC(Wheel Brake Special System), Retarder.

Immobilizer, SRS Airbag, SWS (Smart Writing Sytem), Headlamp Auto-leveling, ABS/ ASR, EBS, ESCOT, AT System, Smoother, HSA/ CFS, BCM, BCM(MIMAMORI), VIM(Vehicle Interface Module), UDS, Gas Treatment, DCU/ BCU, Meter System, Suspension System, Pro-shift, Inverter, Kneeling, Scaning Cruise/LDWS/PCS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytem, Ldfing Stop System, Clutch System, Anti-theft devices, Blocker, PESS(Passive entry and start system), PIM(Powertrain interface module), Chassis ESC, Air Suspension. The SRS crash data diagnose and reset. Read the SRS(Airbag) system error code accurately and erase the error code, turns off the airbag warning light.

To prevent the dreadful danger caused by the airbag not working properly after a collision. The SRS diagnostic function is used to retrieve and clear error code, display and save data streams or module information. What is more, the Auto Bleed function will help get air that is trapped in the ABS actuator module out when bleeding your brake lines to ensure that repairs to this vital system are effective and complete.

Transmission: Today's transmissions provide a wealth of information about the success of up and downshifts, solenoid action (too harsh, too soft), clutch engagement, fluid temperature, fluid level, pressure, and other, critical, operational and diagnostic information. F506 PRO can easily solve the troubles caused by the Transmission for you. Suspension:If there is a problem with the suspension, the truck will bump when driving on uneven roads. The F506P scanner can clear the relevant fault codes to ensure that the vehicle can run smoothly to give you a comfortable driving experience. The F506P scanner is able to monitor vehicle exhaust emissions in order to protect the environment. Instrument panel:A well-functioning, always ready, Supplemental Restraint System (instrument panel) is absolutely critical for occupant and driver safety. Even minor issues might impact the operation, and performance, of the instrument panel system. The NL102 truck scanner quickly, and efficiently, allows the user to retrieve, read and interpret instrument panel issues and monitor system system functionality to rapidly diagnose, and repair, the cause of the issue. When the drivetrain light turns on, you will feel difficult to start the vehicle and it will consume more fuel. This scanner can turn off the light to make the vehicle have good power and fuel economy. DPF Reset & DPF Regeneration. Carry out numerous functions to the Diesel Particulate Filter system. The tool will manage DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit. FCAR F506 support DPF/DPR/DPD on ISUZU HINO UD FUSO from 1996-NOW. DPF Regeneration(Manual), DPF Related Information Reset, Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) reset, Lambda control tester, Air mass flow rate/ Intake air temperature sensor, BlueTec, Differential pressure sensor of diesel particular filter, Resetting of learned values of component, data transfer, DPF Regeneration, TC Boost Pressure Adjustment, VGT Actuator test, Control EGR valve position.

DPR state check, DPR state reset, DPR differential pressure detection, Injector Compensation, DPR Status, Reset all DPR status, Forced DPR regeneration, Differential pressure check. DPD forced Regeneration, DPD Regeneration Data Reset, DPD automatic regeneration, DPD normal regeneration control, DPD slow regeneration control, DPD status resetting, DPD normal regeneration control, DPD status resetting, DPF Slow Regeneration, DPF Normal Regeneration, Clear DPF Data. DPR status check, DPR state reset, DPR ForcedRegeneration, DPR Differential Pressure Check. Performs reset for the Engine Oil Life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate, and turns off the warning light.

We added the DPF Regeneration for Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, UD and Oil Service Reset for Hino, Isuzu, Fuso based on F506. UD can not support auto oil light reset, so this function can not work on it. F506 PRO support Oil Reset all function on ISUZU HINO UD FUSO from 1996-now. General Functions (Including Global OBD II coverage). Read and Erase Fault codes.

Graph live data such as. Set measurement units in SAE English/Metric. Long press "OK" to take screenshots and save the data you have detected. There is a built-in up-to-date OBD-II "Search codes with the number" Option in this device. Fault codes and their definitions can be found in the Option. A 3.5 TFT true color (262K) LCD display is fitted to provide a clear reading of the information contained in it. After a fault code is detected, the definition of the code will be shown by directly clicking the fault code selected. Bilingual interface: English and Spanish. Tow trucks, recreational vehicles, cement trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, buses, step vans, municipal vehicles, refrigerated trucks, and conventional trucks.

Heavy-Duty Standard compliant construction, marine, agriculture, and other industrial machinery and equipment. Transmission, ABS, PDF, Service Reset, Cabin Chassis. SAE J1850PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, IS0 14230-4, IS0 9141-2, IS0 15765-4, SAE J1708, SAE J1939, OBDII.

Class 4-Class 8 truck coverage featuring "Automatic Protocol Search". Connect the scanner to your vehicle: F506 Pro communicates with the computer in your vehicle through a main-line connection. One end of the cable is plugged into the connector on DB15 of F506 Pro and the other end to the adaptor, which is plugged in to the diagnostic connector on your vehicle.

The operating voltage of F506 Pro is within 11V-28V, please make sure the output voltage of the diagnostic socket on your vehicle is 11V - 28V. Turn the vehicle ignition key to ON or start the engine, and then the F506 Pro will automatically start.

Vehicle Type Selection & Operating Interface. TIPS: Other models can be tried from the "Diesel OBD" and "OBDII". Display: 3.5 inch LCD. SD Card Interface: 2GB/4GB/8GB National Standard. Diagnostic Interface: Main line DB15. OBD-16 pin connector supports J1708/J1587 or J1939 protocol. DIESEL-9 pin connector supports J1708/J1587 protocol and J1939? DIESEL-6 pin connector supports only J1708/J1587 protocol. CAT-9 pin connector supports J1708/J1587 or J1939 protocol.

1pc F506 PRO HD Reader Unit. 1pc 6-9 Y Pin J1939 type 2 connector.

1pc Soft Nylon Carrying Case. If the F506 Pro fails to connect to the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle ignition key is in the ON position. Make sure pins in connectors are not bent and contacted. Make sure the cable connectors are plugged in firmly. Make sure the diagnostics connector is clean. How to self-test the F506 Pro? Connect the power interface of the main test line, and then connect it to the 12V DC power supply. The F506 Pro starts and then enters the system settings/SELF-TEST to test if the F506 Pro is normal or abnormal. Electronic VAT Receipt available upon request. If you accidentally placed a wrong order, please. When open return to get. If you have any question. We will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours. We understand the diagnostic is complicated, even some mechanics don't know how to use in the beginning. We provide free tech support. If the tool doesn't fit your cars. We will provide return address. Use the address on the parcel to return. And instructions within 30 days after receipt.

Items need to be in original conditions. Your kindly understanding and patience would be highly appreciated! If you do some research online, you will find it is very complicated about compatibility. If you are NOT sure if this tool will works with your car, we can check compatibility for free. You just need to send message to tell us.

Car's info: make, brand, model, made year, VIN number (17 character, not license plate number), and the main function you need. What function will you use or what troubles do you want to diagnose?

Please send clear picture to show the warning lights on dashboard. We will check compatible tool for you. My company is Authorized Distributor, officially authorized by brands' owner and headquarter. 3 Year free repair for the devices.

Some high level tools do require to register to get authorization before use. It is to avoid fake and counterfeit. If the item has been used, we have the right to decline your claim. We are professional tool provider specialized in Automotive Aftermarket On-Board Diagnostic & Service Tools. From entry level basic Code Reader. ALL System Car Diagnostic Service Tool. Immobilizer Key Match Tool, Key Maker, Car Locksmith Tool.

For HGV Trucks Lorry & Commercial Vehicles & Machinery. Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool. 24V OBD2 Diesel Truck & Machinery Diagnostic Tool. TPMS Progammer, TPMS Sensors, Battery Tester, Circuit Probe... We are in the industry for more than 10 years.

We are authorized primary distributor of many leading companies in the industry, including brands. Launch, Foxwell, Thinkcar, EUCLIA, Autek, ANCEL, Innova, Autophix, Kzyee, Fcar, Nexas.. And more brands will be available in our store in near future.

Safer, up-to-date software, and updates. Lifelong Free online tech support. We provide remote online assistance via TeamViewer, if you have any difficulty in software installation. Our corporation is established for the purpose of trustworthiness.

Your satisfaction is our priority, we assure you not only get quality products but also good service. If you have any problem about the goods. We promise to help you solve it asap, and make you feel satisfied absolutely. Customer Service: Monday-Friday: 2:00AM - 12:00PM GMT(London Standard Time).

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Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel    Fcar F506 Pro Heavy Duty Truck Car OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic DPF Oil Reset Diesel