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Floor Paint- 20 Litres- Professional Heavy Duty Quality- 2ol- Many Colours

Floor Paint- 20 Litres- Professional Heavy Duty Quality- 2ol- Many Colours

Floor Paint- 20 Litres- Professional Heavy Duty Quality- 2ol- Many Colours  Floor Paint- 20 Litres- Professional Heavy Duty Quality- 2ol- Many Colours
GARAGE FLOOR PAINT - 20L - HEAVY DUTY - RANGE OF COLOURS. Semi-gloss paint which is perfect for industrial units, garages, workshops, stairs, kennels/catteries, containers, communal and stairway areas, commercial properties & ideal for any place that needs a hard-wearing, long lasting & easily cleaned professional quality paint.

Paints direct is suitable for many different surface types including. For newly laid concrete floors we always recommend a cure time of at least 12 weeks before painting. You may sprinkle silica sand onto the paint in between coats in order to improve the friction and reduce the risk of wet floor. Below are our application and technical details. We do recommend two coats as that will get you the best looking, longest-lasting and hard-wearing finish.

Application - Please mix thoroughly with a drill paddle mixer as contents can separate during transit. Clean the area properly before painting. Ensure all dirt, fluids and obstructions are removed. A small test patch is recommended with all paints before painting the entire surface. First coat: on most surfaces we advise thinning our paint down with approx 5-10% white spirit as this allows the first coat to sink in.

It won't look very pretty but ensures the first coat sinks in very well, giving your paint a longer-lasting finish. Second coat: use neat out of the drum or you can thin down approx 5% with white spirit but please do note how well the first coat has sunk in and adjust accordingly.

Coverage: 8-10m2 / 90-100 square feet per litre. Drying time: Usually touch dry in 12 hours. Your first coat should be left for 24 hours to dry and there should be 24 hours left between coats with 48 hours left between your final coat and using the area fully.

Our paint will be fully cured 7 days after the final application. Ideally both heating and ventilation should be present to ensure an optimal drying time for our paint. Application tools: A brush or roller is ideal for most jobs.

Our paint can be sprayed on but will need to be thinned down beforehand according to the nozzle to be used and we can only recommend using common sense when thinning down to spray. Before using, give the paint a good mix, preferably with a paddle-mixer drill extension. Coating: Our paint is an oil based semi-gloss. We would not recommend a high-gloss coating as it carries the risk of becoming a slipping hazard. Bare Metal: When painting onto metal which has not been painted before: we recommend using a Quick Drying Primer.

Please see our'Other Adverts' for this Primer. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT accept any leaking or severely damaged items under any circumstances - in the rare instance that an item is damaged we advise that you ask the courier to return the item to us. As you may be aware some courier companies are experiencing difficulty with driver's availability especially during the current Covid period. Scottish Highlands & Islands and UK Islands & Northern Ireland : Please note - Our courier charges extra for certain postcodes including some British Islands & certain areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland - These extra P&P charges are dependent on your post code. Please note, that if you order incorrectly, you will be responsible for return P&P. Outdoor Areas: If you are painting an outdoor area, please be aware that weather conditions vary across the country and, even though ours is a very hard wearing paint, you may not get a full year of perfect condition in consistently poor weather conditions. Colours: The colours on our images are as close as we can get to a good representation but may look slightly different on various devices and screens. Give it a good stir: Oil-based paint can separate if it has been left to sit. During storage or transport - if it is a little discoloured when you first open it or slightly lumpy - don't worry - it just needs a good stir. Preferably with a paddle-mixer drill extension.

Order enough for the job at hand: Please order enough paint for your project because of the difference between batches we cannot guarantee an exact match for previous orders. There may be some variation in shades between orders. Polished / Power-floated Concrete: Our product is. Suitable for polished/power-floated concrete floors, ceramic tiles, plastics, linoleum and other non-porous surfaces.

Rising Damp: A floor coating does not do well if you have any moisture issues Hydrostatic pressure from the moisture can actually cause the coating to peel up, sometimes taking pieces of the concrete with it. Should floors be devoid of an effective Damp Proof Membrane (DPM), virtually any paint will lift and peel off the surface. Indeed, even self-levelling screeds can be pushed up by water pressure. This is another nightmare regularly experienced by many companies. For this reason, a damp proof coating is recommended as a solution before applying a floor paint.

Floor Paint- 20 Litres- Professional Heavy Duty Quality- 2ol- Many Colours  Floor Paint- 20 Litres- Professional Heavy Duty Quality- 2ol- Many Colours