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Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas

Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas
Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas
Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas
Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas

Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas    Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas
Top Grade Heavy Duty Dust Sheets. Bolton Twill 2.4kg & Canvas 3.5kg Dust And Poly Backed Laminated Available. Bolton Twill dust sheets 3ft x 6ft and 9ft x 12ft The Bolton Twill is a new introduction to our dust sheet range.

These high density heavyweight sheets have a tighter weave and are a step-up from the standard Twill range, with a sheet weight of 2.4kgs. The professional quality of the Bolton Twill Dust Sheets means they are more suited to repeated usage. These dust sheets are fully washable and re-usable, and come in a cream/off-white colour.

Very popular in the construction and decorating trade. Cotton Canvas dust sheets 9ft x 12ft Cotton canvas dust sheets are very heavy duty and a top quality dust sheet; each sheet weighs approximately 3.5kgs. Canvas dust sheets have an extremely tight weave with a thick thread, and should be the professional's choice for a prolonged working life.

Very effective at stopping dust and good for absorption, these superior dust sheets also drape well and so are popular for covering goods in storage. The No 1 choice for a top quality professional dust sheet. Laminated Cotton Twill dust sheets 9ft x 12ft Our Laminated Cotton Twill dust sheets have a plastic membrane laminated to the underside of the sheet.

This plastic layer stops any potential liquid spills or heavy dust from penetrating through the sheet, giving the user extra peace of mind during decorating / DIY jobs. Care should be taken with any hot paint scrapings.

Laminated Dust Sheets are widely used in the decorating trade and by builders. With a standard cotton twill layer, the plastic backing is there to further protect furniture and flooring from spills. Great for peace of mind when painting, these dust sheets are 1.4kg in weight - beware of extremely light grade laminated cotton sheets, on lower spec sheets there is a minimal amount of cotton which will not absorb any paint spills. Our Cotton Twill Dust Sheets are fully washable and re-usable although not recommended to wash laminated dust sheets. Our dust sheets are made from cotton which conforms to.

OEKO-Tex confidence in textiles standards. The cotton is also produced with the environment and social responsibility in mind. A free sample swatch is available - call 01409 221192 or message so we can post one to you. Images are for illustrative purposes only; colours may vary slightly. Unfortunately any deliveries to offshore islands (including Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scilly Isles, Scottish Isles, Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland) will incur a surcharge.

Tarpaulins-togo, a family owned business with over 20 years experience in the trade, is firmly established as a leading name in polyethylene tarpaulins and dust sheets. Located on an eight-acre site in the beautiful Devon countryside, we distribute our tarpaulin products the length and breadth of the British Isles. Tarpaulins-togo is one of the UK's largest importers of prefabricated poly tarpaulins, with over 110 different variations of size, colour and specification available. In addition we also supply a comprehensive range of dust sheets, poly rope, scaffold sheeting, debris netting and complementary products. We use quality nationwide carriers TNT, DPD and DX Courier to deliver our goods, and bulkier palletised goods are distributed via the Parsons network.

As a family owned business all our customers are extremely important to us and as a result we are firmly committed to meeting the needs of our customers in everything we do. We hope we can be of service to you in the near future. We reserve the right to contact you in the event of insufficient carriage being paid.

Please note, this service is not applicable to any offshore locations or UK islands. For information on our cut off times, please see below. We use third party carriers to deliver on our behalf. This information will be passed to our carriers; however please note we can only operate within their terms and conditions, and hours of operation. If our carriers cannot successfully deliver the goods to you a calling card will be left for you to respond to.

Goods which may need re-delivering to a different address to that originally specified will also incur a redelivery charge. No work should be undertaken until the goods have arrived. Unfortunately there may be delays to deliveries during times of adverse weather. However please be assured that we will continue to endeavour to get your goods to you as quickly as possible. For example, an order placed after 2pm on Friday will then be classified as a Monday order.

In such instances we will always request that an image of the fault is sent through first for us to assess; we have found that this is the quickest and most efficient way for us to resolve any customer issues. Any goods you wish to return must be unused and in their original packaging. Goods should be sent to. Once we have received the goods they will be inspected and the agreed course of action executed.

The goods must be sent to us unused and in their original packaging. Credits or replacements will not be issued until goods are received and signed for by one of our staff members. Please see below for responses to some of our most frequently asked questions and queries.

Can you manufacture made to measure covers? However if your requirement is on a large scale we can order particular sizes from our suppliers in the Far East.

For immediate requirements we can supply you with UK companies who specialise in bespoke covers; details will be passed on upon request. Why is there a seam on my cover? Most tarps need a seam as it is impossible to fabricate a tarpaulin without heat sealing several pieces of polyethylene together. A seam may not be necessary on some of the smaller sizes as they can be fabricated from one piece of material. This also applies to dust sheets where a seam is stitched. Do you offer a guarantee to the lifespan of your tarpaulins? As all of our tarpaulins are subject to varying weather conditions and put to so many different uses we cannot guarantee the length of time they will last.

Generally speaking a heavier grade tarpaulin is more likely to last longer than an economy grade tarp, which we recommend for temporary use only. To maximize the lifespan of your tarpaulin we recommend to securely fasten your cover. Please bear in mind that eyelets can also come under a lot of pressure, and so any stress points should be reinforced.

While the material a tarp is made from may be heavy duty, no such guarantee is given to the eyelets. Fixing additional eyelets can help spread the load. Please also avoid any sharp edges and constant friction which can reduce the lifespan of your cover.

What size are the eyelets? Are they on all four sides of the tarpaulin? The standard inside diameter on the majority of our tarpaulin eyelets is approximately 12mm. However, eyelets on the Black/Silver Super Tarpaflex Plus and Olive Green PVC Tarpaulins are currently 20mm. Eyelets are on all 4 corners and spaced all around the hemmed edges.

On a tarpaulin with riveted corner patches, you can expect the inside diameter to be approx 8mm. The outline eyeholes on scaffold sheeting are approx 15mm in diameter.

How long until I receive my order? How can I cancel my order? Do Tarpaflex Tarpaulins stand up to windy conditions? What is the best way to secure a tarpaulin? However it is essential that the tarp is tied down properly; if it is not it may tear and the eyelets may fall out.

Tarpaflex therefore cannot be held responsible for weather related damage to tarpaulins. It is also recommended to tie down the tarp with rope, by fastening rope around the item to be covered. Furthermore, eyelets are provided as an aid to securing the tarp - they are not designed to have pressure applied to them by ratchet straps or any other misuse. We strongly recommend the use of extra eyelets. Therefore if your tarp has a defect due to a manufacturing fault, we will replace the item free of charge.

We will always request a digital photograph of the fault. The Tarpaflex tarpaulin I received is shorter by 14cms than the size stated - please explain cut size.

Cut size is the industry's standard way to manufacture tarps. This material, being 4m x 5m, is then made into a tarpaulin. However, by making and bevelling over the hems and adding eyelets this reduces the final size of the tarp by up to 30cms, for example giving a finished size of 3m 70cms x 4m 70cms. Tarpaflex sells tarpaulins by weight.

Poly tarps, being made from a plastic raw material, are an oil based commodity - therefore you should focus on the weight in GSM (Grams per Sq Metre) when purchasing any tarpaulin. Please make cheques payable to:Tarpaflex Ltd The Granary, Northlew, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3BR. Tarpaulins-togo, a family owned business with over 25 years experience in the trade, is firmly established as a leading name in polyethylene tarpaulins and dust sheets.

Trading Name - Tarpaflex Ltd.

Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas    Heavy Duty Professional Grade 2.4kg, 3.5kg & Laminated Dust Sheets Bolton Canvas